Leftitude – is a unique festival celebrating a particular type of piano performance and creativity. Using solely the left hand. This is initially with exponents from the worlds of Classical and Jazz piano. We hope it will expand to include other genres, and thus become even more so – purely about the music.

Why the left hand? An overwhelming amount of the best music for single hand pianists has been created for the left hand. The architecture of the piano leaves the left hand thumb physiologically favoured for melodic work. We also await the left hand piano – (yes they exist) to grow in popularity – so the solo right hand repertoire can also receive a boost!

Each night will contain music from more than one genre. Each artist will perform for 45minutes, and have the option to give a talk about their programme. This could contain any thoughts and observations on this approach, history and meaning in the music chosen. There is a remarkable under sung history of creativity in this area, and we hope this festival will help to change this.

The title came about via thoughts about the relative attitudes to left and right. Fusing ‘left’ and ‘attitude’ – Leftitude – presents a both a hybrid and a question. Where can the attitudes towards our left and right sides evolve? Especially if it is simply about celebrating different perspectives, rather than judging based on laws that have no physical basis.

We hope you will enjoy this as a celebration of beautiful creativity, and the transcendence of limits. It has been inspired by a number of unique individuals who forged a brilliant, and hugely valid approach. We hope this will provide a platform for the discovery of great new music and performers of one hand piano music. The path has long ago revealed – there is much more to come in this area of piano music. That’s why.


Leftitude aims:

To celebrate and honour all those who have performed/created in this way – regardless of genre

To raise the profile of this approach to the piano

To create a regular opportunity for commissioning new works for this format

To celebrate, and inspire creativity via limitations

To inspire those talents who can only approach the piano in this way – whether from birth, injury, warfare etc

To celebrate and breed a positive future for the left hand

To present solo piano in a radically modern way

To inspire the creativity of composers and improvisers in this area

Robert Mitchell (Creator/Curator – LEFTITUDE)